Professional Photography and Design since 2002.

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I offer professional portrait photography services - from family photography (large or small groupings) and graduation photography to engagement and wedding photography. I also do commercial photography and business portraits to market yourself and your business. I offer a creative design service to compliment my photographic work - I've named this service "photographic design". From corporate logo and brand development, to wedding invitation layout and design - I offer a unique hybrid service to ensure you receive only the best creative results for you and your loved ones.

Fine Art Portraits (a la carte)

Looking for that one image - that one special image that sums up your relationship as perfect as the people in it.

With my complimentary inhome consultation service, we can match location and colours (along with proper sizing for your wall space) with your personal style - tying your home décor and wall portrait all together. That's the art of what I do.

Fine Art Portrait Collections

Ahhh...Fine Portrait Collections - my expertise - my "pièce de résistance"!. This is one of my personal favourites. Let's tell a visual "short story" on your wall - of your relationships - a story you will never get tired of telling; a story you can enjoy more and more everyday.

Heirloom Albums

One of my favourite offerings for each client is to use my background as a designer, to collage an album design to complete the story of our portrait session. These images chosen by you, will be digitally laid out page by page of your favourite images to keep in a hard cover album. An invaluable keepsake to share with close family and friends for a lifetime.

What my clients have to say...

“You have brought me to tears!!!! And my mom will probably cry for hours after she sees the video hahaha. LOVE IT!!! No words. Your talent amazes me!!!”  - Lauren B.

Lauren B. many words can describe but I don't know which one to use! Amazing! Perfect! Incredible! I love them!

Jaryn R. Graduate

Thank you..Jeff.. for capturing the spirit of my son in his photo shoot!! You were an absolute pleasure to work with! You truly put your heart into capturing ours!!! Such a priceless gift!!

Danielle B. Caring Parent

"We're doing this Harry! We're REALLY doing this!"

I'm so happy you're deciding to reach out to me. Thank you!